The Christmas Auntie™

Christmas Eve in Hawaii, Kalikimaka Night; the keiki in bed, no one in sight Dad - sound asleep after trimming the tree; decorations delight the child in me Gold, brown, and silver Christmas tree balls; seashells of glass reflect light to the walls The Christmas Auntie will visit us soon; hoku mahina, by the light of the moon Keiki dream happy of tomorrow’s great fun; of presents and play with cousins that come Of ohana singing, kanikapila; of uncle’s guitars and of coconut peeling The canopy set by the ocean with care; our luau to cover; it rained here last year I sit alone, the one left awake; enjoying the lights, island foods still to bake Our presents are wrapped, I know what’s inside; in tapa-print paper, surprises we hide All of a sudden I hear jingle bells ringing; it’s Alohalani, presents she’s bringing Seven owls, flying low, pull an air-board of toys; Gifts for the keiki, the good girls and boys The owls - Kane, Hina, La -a- mao – mao; Laka-kane, Pu – lia- hu, Papa, and Lono The ancient akua leading with pride; three menehune along for the ride From surfing the winds the board downward drifts; inside rest the baubles, the miniaturized gifts From out on the lawn I hear sounds, talon-patter; the jingle bells stop, voices, quiet chatter In the blink of an eye menehune appear through the window so quick, then the Auntie, so near My heart beating fast, my breathing on hold; I fear that they’ll see me, away they will go She wears a red mu’’umu’u, and a lei of fresh flowers;Pua kini kini, a fragrance for hours Her movements are graceful, her eyes show aloha; her smile, enchanting; her aura, great mana The menehune are tiny, two feet and inches; Mohawk-shaved heads, hair colors like finches Baubles from sacks, they select - in a “jiff”; her magical fingers turn each to a gift They straighten our presents, add their few more; they fill grass baskets we’ve left on the floor Auntie places some candy high on the tree; writes a note, good or bad, for sleeping keiki. Menehune finish, the clock slowly ticks; they celebrate - kahiko, they end with a trick She sees me, I’m caught, what will I do; Auntie smiles with aloha, menehune smile too Like Santa, a finger she lays by her nose; she whispers, Hawaiian, out the window she goes I spring from my chair, from the window I see; flying away, Auntie’s waving to me The moon shining bright, Hawaii’s snow mountains; waves spraying high on the lava rock fountains Make White Christmas, above, White Christmas below; A luster of mid-day, the sea and the snow Owl-wing bells jingle as they fly out of sight; I hear Auntie Say “Kalikimaka e, Good Night” © Copyright 2010, Rob Westerman

The Legend of Kalikimaka

The Lgegend of Kalikimaka

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